Haskell eXchange 2021

15-17 NOVEMBER 2021     |     Online Conference

Haskell eXchange 2021

Join us for the 10th annual Haskell eXchange, a 3‑day online conference with content selected by developers for developers.

Haskell is an advanced, purely functional programming language.

What began as a research language has evolved into a unique, cutting edge language that is used in industries as diverse as Aerospace, Automative, Healthcare, Finance, Education, Retail, Logistics, SaaS, Online Retail, TV and Music.


Join us for a day of free, beginner‑friendly talks!

If you've heard of Haskell, but aren't sure where to begin, join us 15 November for a day of free talks exploring the fundamentals of functional programming, the basics of Haskell, and answers to why teams use this increasingly popular language!

Discover real‑world applications of the Haskell programming language

Haskell eXchange 2021 will be an online conference hosted on the Hopin platform.

We are excited to welcome a global audience of Haskell enthusiasts to this virtual event.


Tickets for the Pro Track days on 16 - 17 November include exclusive access to recordings of all keynotes and sessions. These recordings will be available shortly after the event, allowing you to watch the conference at your convenience.

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Pro Pass

£ 79

  • Access to Days 2 & 3: Haskell eXchange 2021 Pro Track featuring 15+ expert‑led talks

  • Learn new skills in practical, coding-based talks.

  • Live Q&A Sessions

  • Connect with other attendees from around the globe

  • Meet with companies utilising Haskell in enterprise

  • Exclusive access to talk recordings for 90 days after the event

 Novice Pass

Perfect for Students

  • One day of live, expert-led talks on the fundamentals of the Haskell and functional programming

  • Live Q&& sessions

  • Learn about real-world uses of Haskell

  • See how Haskell stacks up with other popular languages

In an effort to support inclusion at Haskell eXchange and other Skills Matter conferences, a number of tickets will be designated free of charge for under-represented persons and those who would not be able to attend due to financial circumstances.

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Conference THEMES

This year's Haskell eXchange will explore topics including:

Adoption Stories and Case Studies

Discover real-world applications of Haskell

Influence and Intersections

Discover the ways Haskell interacts and influences other languages.

Haskell Teams

Learn how to run a super productive team of Haskell Developers

20+ Expert Speakers

Over 3 days, you'll hear the latest from Haskell thought leaders, experts and developers from around the globe.

Keynote Speakers

Simon Peyton Jones

Simon Peyton Jones

Lead Designer of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler

"Provably correct, asymptotically efficient, higher-order reverse-mode automatic differentiation"

Nadia Polikarpova

Nadia Polikarpova

Assistant Professor, UC San Diego

"Generating Programs from Types"

Novice Track Speakers


Christian Charukiewicz 

Co-Founder, Foxhound Systems

"Why You Should Consider Haskell for Your Next Production System"

Veronika Romashkina

Veronika Romashkina

Quantitative Developer, Standard Chartered

"Not My Type"


Jeroen Bransen


"Type-safe Redis caching at Chordify"

Pro Track Speakers

Edsko de Vries

Edsko de Vries

Haskell Consultant, Well-Typed

"Avoiding Quadratic Blow-up During Compilation"


Sam Derbyshire


"An Overview of GHC's Constraint Solver"

Trevis Elser

Trevis Elser

Software Engineer, Flipstone

"Haskell in the Enterprise: A Report from in the Belly of the Whale"

Alexey Kuleshevich

Alexey Kuleshevich

Software Engineer, IOHK

"Multi-dimensional Arrays that Do Not Exist"

Utku Demir

Utku Demir

Software Engineer, Tweag I/O

"A tour of linear-base"

Jacob Leach

Jacob Leach

Arista Networks

"Designing and Verifying Programs with Formal Specification"

Csaba Hruska

Csaba Hruska

Compiler Engineer

"Why and how the external STG interpreter is useful"

We'll be announcing new speakers each week leading up to the conference, so be sure to subscribe for updates below.

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3 Reasons to Attend Haskell eXchange


Discover real‑world applications of Haskell programming language


Learn new skills in practical, coding‑based talks.


Connect with fellow Haskellers in from around the globe

Program Committee

All of the talks at the Haskell eXchange are selected by our volunteer Program Committee which evaluates and selects which speakers and topics will be included in the conference program. This committee includes developers, practitioners and enthusiasts of all levels.

This year's Program Committee includes:

Aaron Allen


Aditya Siram


Andrew Lelechenko


Christiaan Baiij


Emily Pillmore

Revisit 2020

Watch free talk recordings from last year's conference

Last year's conference featured memorable talks from the likes of Arnaud Spiwack, Mateusz Curylo, and Richard Eisenberg, plus the launch of the Haskell Foundation by Simon Peyton Jones.

Haskell eXchange SkillsCast from 2020

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Sponsors & Partners

We are incredibly grateful for the ongoing support of:

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